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Mr. Carter, there's a telephone call for you
Dateline early October 2013:

Holy crap, has it really been over two years since the last time I bothered to edit this guy?

Still rockin' the Zombie Rights Campaign. Because zombies are people too. We have a new shirt that I really should get up on the website, because it is SUPER CUTE.

As of June 2013, I am working for the Credit Union National Association here in Madison, Doubleyou-Eye. I am a senior web developer! Still not really used to the idea of myself as an IT professional after 5+ years in the workforce, though. (My first not-quite-five years were at Epic Systems Corporation. I... possess opinions about the workplace in question.)

I play Sims 2 a lot, and I seem to be writing a book.

I... feel like this is a shorter fake-sticky post than usual. But that's really about it! Aside from that I finally got rid of the amber-and-black color scheme, since after about seven years, I have to give up and admit that I will never actually get around to adding the images and styling to make this thing be oldskool-Oregon-Trail-themed.
Mr. Carter, there's a telephone call for you
04 July 2030 @ 07:34 pm
I feel like I need one of these. Mainly so I don't have to include the list of previous updates in each new post....Collapse )
Mr. Carter, there's a telephone call for you
03 January 2016 @ 06:00 pm
Just super-boring. Although I have written 6,000 words on my apparently-book in the last eight days, so that's something, at least.
Mr. Carter, there's a telephone call for you
23 August 2014 @ 02:34 am
I may be on day 7 and counting of some kind of horrible thing that started off as an incipient cold, spent a brief while as a crushing headache, and then mutated into a narcotics-defying cough and a double-ear infection, with some other fun stops along the way; but that doesn't mean I can't edit up a bunch of screenshots in Paint Shop Pro and then type a bunch of stuff into a text edit box!

Previous updates are here.

General warning: sometimes I swear.
Any and all Merrick updates may be tw for fighting, infidelity, miscarriage, abductions (of the alien kind), and death.

Last time: generation six finished up college and went home (where in some cases "home" has been redefined as "the Sim Bin for possibly eternity, unless I feel like chucking them into Casa de Spare, I dunno"). Maddie met and proposed to a townie named Cyd! Jinx wasn't quite so lucky in love.

Is it time to take my antibiotics again yet?Collapse )
Mr. Carter, there's a telephone call for you
14 June 2014 @ 01:25 am
I literally forgot this game existed for a couple months there... which is weird, considering how many nights I was up till like 3AM playing it not all that long ago.

Previous updates are here.

General warning: sometimes I swear.
Any and all Merrick updates may be tw for fighting, infidelity, miscarriage, abductions (of the alien kind), and death.

Last time: Um. What did happen last time...? Okay, the family had five kids, Owen, Lisa, Maddie, Jinx and Keisha. ghost!jerkface Derek haunted Jinx a lot, but Jinx was fine with that because she's a Knowledge sim. The current heir, Doc Boy, and his husband Frances, became each others' arch-nemeses, because Doc Boy was a supervillain and Frances was Captain Hero. Jinx made a friend and then ghost!jerkface Derek killed the friend. All the kids went to college, except then Lisa got college pregnant like right away! YAAAY.

Lloyd sympathized.Collapse )

Next time: Generation 7! Babies everywhere! Also ghosts! Shocking, I know.
Mr. Carter, there's a telephone call for you
Eugh, the UI for Livejournal went all-caps since the last time I noticed it. At least now the image uploader works again. That's actually what stopped me posting several times in the last few months, is not being able to upload the images that I wanted to share.

ANYWAY! Have some pictures from four-day-weekend garden-a-thon that we did this weekend. (I took Monday and Tuesday off from work.)

Sic semper garlic mustard:

Both of those bags are full of garlic mustard. Half of it isn't even from our yard, it's from three different neighbor yards, but nobody else around here bothers to pull garlic mustard and since it's a horrible invasive if you let one plant go to seed then you have 500 plants the next year so it spreadddssss. And it displaces basically all other plants, so where it grows, nothing else does. Entire forest/woodland areas have had their normal understory plants wiped out by garlic mustard. Please, if you live in North America and have any sort of lawn/garden thing, get to know garlic mustard and make sure you don't have any. And if you do, get rid of it. It pulls real easy most of the time, and it's only a biannual so if you mow its tall second-year form BEFORE IT FLOWERS SERIOUSLY ONLY BEFORE, then it won't come back the next year. And it really does smell like garlic when crushed, so it's easy to ID that way until you reach the point where you recognize its sinister appearance on sight.

I really hate garlic mustard.

Sic sometimes honeysuckle:


Before and after. Mecha machete'd out some of the invasive honeysuckle that's busily escaping cultivation at the back of our property, and then we planted a native nannyberry. One of the cut vines kept spewing sap for ages afterwards. It was really creepy.

We also planted five other trees/shrubs plus a couple of phloxes, plus there are other backyard shenanigans, but this is what I'm posting so far.
Mr. Carter, there's a telephone call for you
When I was child, I wanted the Nielsen people to put a monitor thingy whatever in my household, so that the shows I liked would register as being more popular and maybe not get canceled.

It's been seven years or so since mecha and I went off cable and stopped bothering with TV, and now guess what came in the mail?
Mr. Carter, there's a telephone call for you
13 March 2014 @ 07:36 am
Man, I haven't posted a Merrick update in, like, forever.
Mr. Carter, there's a telephone call for you
Back in 2002 I bothered to remember that Elfwood existed, and that I had a gallery there. And I put up a smattering of artworks, some digital, some colored pencil. One of them I always really liked, and still have a little bit of a soft spot for even if the nose does look all disjointed -- but the scanner just ruined it. Washed out the light browns, killed the reds, just yuck. Whatever cheap crap scanner I had back then, it did not have good color reproduction AT ALL.

For a few years now I've idly thought about rescanning it. And just now I finally did!

So the much more true to life version looks like this.


The sort of vertical blob on the right is sticky left behind by the electrical tape that I used to tape a piece of tracing paper over it to keep it from smearing (I used electrical tape back then to tape tracing paper down when I was inking comics; these days I use blue painter's tape). The date in the bottom corner is from those heady 2002 days -- February 21, very nearly 12 years ago now. And while the art isn't any better than it was back then, those wings finally don't look Boring Brown With A Side Of Blah.

(Gonna xpost this to mah tumblr in a bit, but right now mecha is home with dinner so it is time to eat.)
Mr. Carter, there's a telephone call for you
Posted an amusing (to me) text exchange on mah tumblr instead of here mainly because the LJ picture upload thing keeps being a butt lately.

In case anyone was wondering whether I'd done anything exciting today. That conversation is pretty much it. That, and trying to figure out what color to paint the kitchen/dining/pantry room.