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04 July 2030 @ 07:34 pm
Sims 2 legacy master post  
I feel like I need one of these. Mainly so I don't have to include the list of previous updates in each new post.

Merrick legacy entries:

Gen 2 spares
Gen 3 spares
Gen 4 spares
Gen 5 spares (theoretically)

Extracted sims:

Can be made available if anyone ever expresses interest. I've got SimPE, I can extract people and bung up cleaned packages easily enough.

Basic game-setup info:

Default skins
Pooklet's My Poor Lover, numbers 2, 3, 5 and 6. It seems like most of the rest of the Internet wants 1, 2, 3 and 6, because pale skin is the bestest or whatever, but I like this version much better.
Note that while the post is no longer showing up in this person's DW, the file can still be downloaded. That file just turns the skins you can get here into defaults.

Oh, and my default alien skin is the green one from here.

And my default vampire skin is from here, the Inner Beast eyes.

Aaaand my default zombie skin is here.

Default eyes
Bruno's Kylie eyes, although I avoid them as much as possible because defaults are boring compared to the millions of non-default eyes I have. I don't even like these ones much anymore, but I haven't switched them out for nicer defaults because this way I can spot a default'd sim easily.

Notable mods
Gunmod's lighting system.
A bunch of the stuff at MATY.
Also a pile of CyJon stuff.

General downloads
A million different sites, but some of my favorites past and present: Mod The Sims, Garden Of Shadows, Trapping, Quinctia, Almighty Hat, CuriousB, Pooklet, Needlecream, Aquilegia, Pinketamine, Jessi.

I came into Sims 2 really late, such that there was already a wealth of lovely custom content and bugfixes already in existence, although to some extent the lights are winking out one by one (at least Pooklet un-deleted their DW). It's like stumbling across the last crumbling decadence of a mighty civilization currently in the process of slipping into ruin. Fun! :D