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14 June 2014 @ 01:25 am
Merrick Legacy, 6.4  
I literally forgot this game existed for a couple months there... which is weird, considering how many nights I was up till like 3AM playing it not all that long ago.

Previous updates are here.

General warning: sometimes I swear.
Any and all Merrick updates may be tw for fighting, infidelity, miscarriage, abductions (of the alien kind), and death.

Last time: Um. What did happen last time...? Okay, the family had five kids, Owen, Lisa, Maddie, Jinx and Keisha. ghost!jerkface Derek haunted Jinx a lot, but Jinx was fine with that because she's a Knowledge sim. The current heir, Doc Boy, and his husband Frances, became each others' arch-nemeses, because Doc Boy was a supervillain and Frances was Captain Hero. Jinx made a friend and then ghost!jerkface Derek killed the friend. All the kids went to college, except then Lisa got college pregnant like right away! YAAAY.

This time:

By midway through generation 6's college career, I'm a little disappointed in how heir selection is going. I'm leaning toward either Owen or Maddie for genetics -- they both have Frances's nose, which I'd like to see go on, and also they're both interesting-looking in general. Jinx and Keisha are too pretty, and Lisa has annoyed me by getting knocked up. But dangit, nobody at all has any great spouse prospects, and that's what can really be a great distinguisher when you're looking for babies that are wacky combinations of Maxis genetics.

So I take advantage of the junior-year reroll to give them new turn-ons and turn-offs.

So now Owen digs glasses and dyed hair, but hates hats...

Lisa is attracted to her father bruns with beards seriously Lisa that's creepy, and can't stand redheads...

Maddie kept her predilection toward what passes for "fat" in this game, but has decided that she'll pick up those redheads her sister is ignoring (as long as they don't get dressed up all stuffy-like)...

Jinx can't understand why her sister doesn't go for a woman in elegant evening attire, especially if she's dolled herself up and made sure to shave that morning...

...and Keisha has many opinions about hair, as well as thinking that clowns face paint is hot.

None of this helps a whole lot, probably because turn-ons and -offs are only a small part of the overall attraction algorithm. (I read where someone had broken it all down once, and I think the biggest determinant was aspiration.) It does, however, re-sort Maddie's favored individuals ever so slightly, bumping someone new to the top.

And making it obvious that she has a fetish for cafeteria workers.

Also I decide to generate a few new dormies, which is probably a bad idea because it brings the neighborhood that much closer to a BFBVFS... but on the other hand, it gives me this lovely young lady,

whose name is also a description of her acoutrements.

My townie name file is the best townie name file.

One of the other new dormies has caught Maddie's eye!

But I also decided to cheat and age down the cafeteria worker who she liked the best, and holy heck it turns out Marisa has red hair which is awesome. But who does Maddie prefer now...?

Ah. She believes that Marisa is hotter, although this very belief fills her with rage.

Maybe that's because Marisa never wants to talk to her, ever.

Cyd, on the other hand, is always super-excited to talk to her. Which might be why after Maddie talks to both prospectives, she wants to be friends with Marisa, but also to flirt with only Cyd. (She's already friends with Cyd because he's actually capable of having a conversation lasting more than two seconds.)

Jinx: Why is this guy in my room watching me wake up?

No idea! That's college for you.

Owen goes on a blind date with this dormie, and then I send him to get a body point after he's done, because he wanted one. Dormie was so desperate for a reason to stay near his side that she soaped the fountain at least six times in a row.

Finally, at the age of 21, Maddie gets her first kiss!

I've been wishing the dorms were just a little bit bigger for generations now, and I finally broke down here in generation 6 and used the LotAdjuster to add some more space in back. I figured I'd move the cafeteria back there, maybe the bathrooms, maybe put in a pool.

Of course, when I next loaded up the lot, that area was otherwise occupied.

A few random objects and people were, I dunno, using the back edge of the lot as their reference point or something, because they got yanked 10 tiles back into the new area.

This had varying impacts on everyone's dignity.

But over the course of a couple of seconds,

everything sort of slid back into place,

and then things were back to normal.

Other than the cafeteria lady (not one of Maddie's potential paramours) who showed up off-duty to drink from the new keg, pee in the mens' room, and sleep in Keisha's bed.

Lisa thinks her grandpa's cousin is hot.
(Also, this is screenshot #1666 if you ignore the times when I had multiple with one number or accidentally skipped a number. 666. The matchmaker is a fiend from the blackest pits of Double Secret Hell. COINCIDENCE???

Matchmaker: If I'm all that bad, would I give Jinx this nice young one-bolter?

...okay, so points for it actually working out for once. Even though Bethany has lost her eyebrows, shirt and half her makeup since I made her like two years ago. Also even though she disappeared off the lot midway through the date. It still made it to Good!

Now that I rebuilt the dorm common areas, the instruments are arranged so I can watch everyone play at once! They're all really good, too (as evidenced by the fact that Jinx, Owen and Keisha are all maxed out on creativity).

Also, it's great for the household bank account when dormies make a little tour of the busking jars. :D


Oh, sure, a perfectly reasonable second-date want. Sigh. Family sims.

Sweet baby Cthulhu, what's got Maddie so happy all of a sudden?

...oh. OH. Oh, I see. Well, uh... carry on, then.

Maddie: Gosh, it's a little cold in here, isn't it?
Cyd: I, uh... guh. Yeah. Cold.

I don't think he's really listening you guys.

HOLY CRAP but that is the grindingest LTW ever. I sat through Keisha eating 200 grilled cheese sandwiches. 200 fucking sandwiches. That's as many as twenty tens.

Keisha: I am fulfilled. :|

Yes, you certainly look it.

(Totally ignoring her from now on btw)

I, uh. Thanks? I think? You're probably the jerk who left an invisible dance sphere, aren't you. Man, if Keisha hadn't rolled a want to ride that thing I never would've guessed it was there.

I lied about ignoring Keisha. I figured I'd give her one full-price blind date, in case it led to her meeting someone who she liked enough to have an actual interacting-with-human-beings want supplant the constant cheese wants.

She got a distant relative. With whom I'm pretty sure she has three bolts.


AND she likes talking about The Cheese!

Unity: I'm gonna marry this lady.

Slow down a cheddar-munchin' moment there, pint-sized.

I... don't really claim to know what's going on here.

Moving on. In the last semester of senior year, Keisha has the distinction of being on basically 100% free will. That's also when the pineapple punch bowl thing runs out of punch. So I put in a bar.

Which Keisha proceeds to monopolize.

Keisha: It almosht tashtes like cheese if'n you schquint your eyesh right.

I'm almost positive that that's not true.

So, yeah, Maddie has basically never not wanted this from the first time she exchanged two words with this guy. Also he has some genes that I would love to get into the Merrick line, even if he wouldn't actually be able to produce any red-haired children due to Maddie's only having dominant hair genes.

Cyd: I... may be using this an excuse to look at your breasts again.
Maddie: I'll let it slide.

Dammit, Maddie! You just proposed to the guy you supposedly love! You should be yelling at this woman for flirting with you, not happily accepting it!

Of course, then she makes me happy by sitting down, ignoring the repeated "Be Kissed" and "Be Flirted With" actions that Marisa keeps tossing on her queue, and having a lovely conversation with this random dormie about robots.

Then Owen's stalker eats Jinx's arm.

...okay, not really. Jinx's queue read "Be Bad Mouthed", even though a sim doing the badmouthing never actually seems to be badmouthing the actual person they're talking to, so that terminology doesn't make sense I don't think? But whatever.

And then everyone graduates! Even Lisa, who I really expected to miscarry if I didn't drop her out. But nope, she hung in there to graduate. Cum Laude, even.

Jinx immediately rolls the want to call one of her dads and tell him about her shiny 4.0. (Also her teenage friend and I-think-two-bolt match Carmen, who she has never seemed to quite get over.)

Historically I've pretty much always kicked the kids off the lot as soon as they graduate, one after the other, because there's nothing left for them to do. This time I actually use a fair bit of the 72 post-grad hours, though.

Keisha is the first to go, because she's perma-plat and also boring.

Then Maddie and Cyd oops me when I foolishly decide to be nice and give them some alone time.

And Cyd apparently sleeps with his eyes open.

And... I haven't peeked at Cyd's motives, but I feel like Maddie, at least, isn't anywhere near the low-energy level that causes sims to stick around in bed after doing the deed. So the fact that they're now snoozing happily away together makes me feel somewhat justified in the fact that I've chosen to heir Maddie. It presages cuteness to come!

Lisa is the next to leave, after tying up some loose ends ifyouknowwhatImean. (I mean she's bangin' some guys.)

Unfortunately for the maid, he was only one of her many conquests. I call this little scene "baby how could you I thought we had something special."

Which, like... he's been the maid for four years' worth of her having sex with lots of other guys? So it seems like he should have expected this to happen? But he's a Family sim and they're kind of stupid sometimes.

(Also, dammit, I was really hoping the transition would fix her messed-up skin. It did not.)

Next to go is Owen, whose stalker can't even stay out of his transition picture.

And then next to go is maid Remington's sanity, apparently.

Remington: You cheated on me and broke my heart and I'll never forgive you, but here's a $2,000 present just for making me one of the many notches on your bedpost!



Jinx leaves, with a little reminder in her wants panel that she, alone of all her siblings, missed an important milestone of youth...

And last of all is Maddie, in a dress matching the one Keisha went out in.

As is my habit, I've left Yig Hall just a little more decorated than I found it.

First was this portrait of Keisha, creating cheesy magic in that special way that only she knows.

Next I captured Jinx being a big nerdy nerd. That hung in the computer room for a while, but then I took it out and stuck it in Jinx's pocket instead.

To replace it, Maddie crafted this lovely rendition of Saint Deadwife Lisa.

Now, it's not that there was anything wrong with the picture of Jinx; the lighting was a little dim, but no worse than some of the other portraits already hanging up. It's just that a picture of Jinx, specifically, no longer fit my rules for what goes up at Yig Hall.

Because only spares will be so commemorated...

...and Jinx is moving back to the main house with Maddie.

DOUBLE HEIR OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS. Although I don't know that Jinx is ever going to manage to pop out even one kid at this rate. But I have ~~narrative plans~~ for her.

And that's it for generation six!

Next time: Generation 7! Babies everywhere! Also ghosts! Shocking, I know.