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23 August 2014 @ 02:34 am
Merrick Legacy, 7.1  
I may be on day 7 and counting of some kind of horrible thing that started off as an incipient cold, spent a brief while as a crushing headache, and then mutated into a narcotics-defying cough and a double-ear infection, with some other fun stops along the way; but that doesn't mean I can't edit up a bunch of screenshots in Paint Shop Pro and then type a bunch of stuff into a text edit box!

Previous updates are here.

General warning: sometimes I swear.
Any and all Merrick updates may be tw for fighting, infidelity, miscarriage, abductions (of the alien kind), and death.

Last time: generation six finished up college and went home (where in some cases "home" has been redefined as "the Sim Bin for possibly eternity, unless I feel like chucking them into Casa de Spare, I dunno"). Maddie met and proposed to a townie named Cyd! Jinx wasn't quite so lucky in love.

This time:

This is Maddie! She's the Merrick heir for generation seven.

Jinx is here too!

Jinx: Wait, how does that even make sense?

Because you're double-heirs, silly!

Jinx: Oh. Hey, that's pretty cool.

Now on the one hand, Jinx is a Knowledge sim who's never shown any great romantic leanings toward anyone (except maybe her high school crush, who is still a teen townie since I haven't aged her up). But on the other hand, Maddie is a Family sim with a Family sim fiance, so I expect her to bless the household with about 523984572389 babies. And the house really only had two adult bedrooms in it... one for the heir, one for the previous heir.

So I made it bigger.

And, like, it was always a giant purple monstrosity? And now it's even more of a giant purple monstrosity? But I don't care, because it is MY giant purple monstrosity.

For sim-decades now, upstairs has been a narrow hallway for urns and portraits, with the heir bedroom at one end and a skill room at the other.

But now there is more! On the left of this screenshot, underneath the heir bedroom, is now a small hallway that leads to a bathroom and a generously-sized nursery (for all the babies I expect Maddie to produce). On the right, under the enlarged-by-four-tiles skilling room, is Jinx's bedroom (orange) and a spare room (green) that will either be a bedroom, or a spot for all the career reward objects that I've been stashing in what really should be a bedroom downstairs.

The old nursery was downstairs, and it can be a bedroom now too.

The view from Jinx's bed includes the urn of her high school friend who she tried to save from Death, but couldn't.


Also -- and this one took a lot of soul-searching, way more than is probably needed for a little pixel house -- I decided to do some remodeling of rooms that had been essentially unchanged since the days when the family founder walked these halls. So I made the living room a little less warm, and the entry hall a little less Maxis-y. I'll probably do the kitchen except people keep being in it so I can't move all the chairs.

But before I have time to remodel or even do makeovers on the heirs, Jinx makes both herself and me happy by landing a science job. Herself, because she had a want rolled for it; and me, because reaching the top of the science track will make her happy for life, and now we can get right on that.

She then proceeds to want this. Patience, my good Merrick! As you become an ever more accomplished scientist, will not even the mysteries of life and death be within your grasp? Is not the power of knowledge so great that in time it might bring even the dead back to walk again amongst us? And what, then, can stand before mankind -- would we not be as titans? As GODS? And despite the weak and snivelling protestations of those fools at the Academy --


Sorry. Got a little carried away there. Anyway -- science comes first, Jinxie!

Jinx: But I really do want to show those fools at the Academy.

Give it time, sweetie.

Meanwhile, Maddie sits with her dads discussing world affairs.

The kids move back in about 9 PM one night. The next morning, it's time for guests to start appearing!

Maddie's college friend Andrzej and uncle Lyman...

...her aunt Arlene, sisters Keisha and Lisa, and brother Owen.

Oh, and some slacker who showed up in casual dress TO HIS OWN WEDDING.

Cyd: I like this shirt.

I like how you pair the bright orange shirt with bright purple pants. I'd keep you in the same outfit forever if the fat morph on the shirt wasn't broken. (It clips with like 100% of pants. Some mesher obviously didn't do much playtesting.)

Maddie, being apparently more interested in fashion than her beloved, rolled this want as soon as she invited the guests. I'd never seen it before, and it made me laugh.

So everyone has a nice time blah blah, there's general chatting and the hungry guests eat the meal laid out for them and I'm mentally congratulating Maddie on having every single invitee show up even though she had a relationship score of like 2 with her aunt and uncle. And then it's time for the actual ceremony.

And... dammit, Maddie, how can this NOT be your heir portrait now? You're a Family sim, gazing into the distance beatifically, wearing your wedding dress and surrounded by a bower of roses. That is like the ULTIMATE Family sim shot. Which means that I have to hack your portrait in using one of my screenshots, and that involves resizing the screenshot to fit the weird-aspect image captured when doing an in-game portrait, and it'll be a little more pixellated than the other portraits FOREVER, Maddie, do you understand?! FOREVER!!!!

Maddie: Don't care, getting married :)

And Cyd is great, so I'll give you a pass.

As always, the guests are all totally focused on the proceedings.

I just really like this shot. She waits amongst the roses, his love, with the bloom of youth in her cheeks, the light of love in her eyes. The soft breeze rustles the silk of her wedding gown, worn just for him, a symbol of her pure, devoted heart.

And he comes rollin' up in purple velvet pants.

Maddie: Cripes, my back hurts.

Such a delicate flower.

Cyd: Did you notice that I finally changed into a suit?

Yeah, but it kind of disappointed me so I wasn't going to say anything. :(

Cyd and Maddie make their vows in the same place as Maddie's father and grandfather did, with the guests looking on appreciatively as long as you don't notice


I like to think the people across the aisle are looking over and being like "dude, what the hell! Is your own oldest daughter's wedding BORING YOU?"

So Maddie and Cyd are married!

At first I think it's a damn good thing that this is an established, wealthy legacy household, because Cyd brings in next to nothing in cash.

But then again, his pockets are full of sellable stuff! So I dunno. I guess it doesn't matter in the end, since Maddie caught him like a day after he first began to exist, thus ensuring that his riches would just go to the Merricks anyway if he had had any.

Based on Cyd's (randomly-generated) sartorial choices, I've been sort of imagining him as a wacky, silly guy, and I'm glad to see that that is sort of borne out -- he's more playful than serious, and outgoing enough that it makes sense he'd be walkin' around in such an eye-catching outfit. Also, he is nice. That is good. Maddie was the only Merrick of the last like THREE generations to have more than three nice points, so between her 10 and Cyd's 7, hopefully their children won't be little assholes.

Maddie is not a smusher.

Although she does think cake is hilarious for some reason.

Also, there may be cake, but Arlene and Lyman have no time for that -- they're Merricks, and there is pillow-fighting to be done.

(I think this the first time Lyman has been out of the sim bin since Doc Boy's wedding, and Arlene got stuck on a lot long enough to have her university baby and then went back to being ignored, so I suppose they should get in their fun while they can.)

Good job, everyone!

This is my ~artistic~ shot. Maddie and Cyd, freshly returned from their honeymoon, stand in the entryway to the home where they will raise their children together. Their eyes meet. Their arms intertwine. They lean together for a kiss. The lights fade. The door swings gently shut. SCENE.

SCENE 2: We open on GHOST OF MARYLENA, who is ranting some kind of nonsense about FRANCES J.

ghost!Marylena: God fucking damn fuckity fuck it's that old bastard's fault I'm dead!

I'm almost positive that's not the case.

(Usually the X-over-someone happens when that person is in the bathroom... it's like, all the other sims on the lot are like "I can't use that bathroom because Person is in it! NOPE CAN'T DO IT 'CAUSE OF PERSON." Even when they don't actually need to pee. But Marylena kept doing this all night! It was very strange.)

Oh, this is good. The angry ghost of a young girl who wanted nothing more than to settle down and raise a family, glowering at the freshly-married, pregnant, still-very-much-alive woman. This won't end poorly at ALL.


ghost!Marylena: I have a lot of anger to work out.

Punching your face through the wall seems a better start than terrifying my heir.


Jinx: ...Travis? :(

Cyd: This. Is NOT. Happening.

Yyyyeah... you should get used to it probably. Although congrats on officially being a Merrick now.

I feel like I'm kind of doing Cyd a disservice, because in some ways I think of him as Adrian 2.0 -- he's kind of a derpasaurus, he's fun to watch in action, and he even spawned with the same hair in college for cryin' out loud. But on the other hand, I also love him for some things that are uniquely him. Like his eye-searing sense of style, and the purple pants that I'm keeping him in for as long as possible.

Oh -- and the fact that, even though he's a Family sim, he wants nothing more in the world than to top the slacker career. Despite the fact that I am ninety-two percent sure that back in his college days, he had the LTW to graduate three kids from college, same as Maddie.

He's just too damned weird to stick with a proper Family sim want. And that's why he's awesome.

Cyd: Aww, man, I didn't get ANY tips?

This is a baby-happy crowd.

It's a boy! Plato has his dad's eyes and his mom's hair color. No child in the coming generation can have anything but hair from Maddie and eyes from Cyd, due to gene dominance. But they'll all have a recessive red hair gene, and there's a 25% chance of getting at least one kid with recessive Merrick purple eyes.

Jinx, meanwhile, is enjoying her own kind of success.

Jinx: One step closer to unlocking the secrets of the universe!

And you never would've gotten there if you hadn't learned how to make salmon. Apparently.

Jinx: I like learning to cook new dishes!

I don't think a hot dog counts as a "dish".

Jeebus, Maddie, you just had a kid like four hours ago!

...and now you're having another one three days from now.


Dammit. This is what happens when you get two Family sims together. The whole damn household goes quiverfull.

This house gets the horrible nanny, too (who I am basically keeping permanently hired since it helps use up some of the Merrick wealth). She picks up the screaming, stinking baby, starts to take him over to the fridge to feed him, then drops him and apparently breaks his arm so she can screech at ghost!Titania.


And then Plato learned to levitate.

Either that or Frances is using his cyborg mind powers again.

Frances, from offscreen somewhere: I'M NOT ACTUALLY A CYBORG!

Yes, I know!

Ghosts continue to plague Cyd, possibly causing him to briefly regret having ever heard of the Merrick clan.

Jinx: Good job not peeing yourself there. Not everyone deals with this "haunting" phenomenon so well.
Cyd: Uh, thanks. I think.

Jinx: There are ways to protect yourself from them, though, and I can hook you up if you want.
Cyd: I'm pretty sure that's relevant to my interests, yeah.

Cyd: (Um Jinx help I don't know what's happening)
Jinx: (Yeah this woman's fucking bizarre just pretend you don't see her)

And then after the nanny put the baby down, everyone was all EWW GROSS A BABY.


For some reason, when the nanny's hygiene drops low enough, flies start swarming her.

This is BEFORE she pees herself.

I'm so glad the next generation is in her filthycapable hands.







Soon enough it's Plato's birthday! Cyd is SO EXCITED about this.

So Plato grows up and WHOA OKAY

Okay, swapping out the eyebrows seems to help (and also giving him a cute hat because WHY NOT). Plato's definitely got his mom's nose, but beyond that I'm not sure.

Frances, you KNOW nothing good ever comes of arching behind Doc Boy's back...




My wacky odd-couple hijinx are over :( :( :(

Frances: They even dropped me off in the crappiest car they could find, just to shame me more :(

Go talk to your husband, sweetie. You'll feel better.

Doc Boy: It's high time for a change anyway! Why should you waste your time being Captain Hero for a city that can't be bothered to see how awesome you are?
Frances: Yeah, maybe you're right...

Frances: I mean, those jerks in City Hall never appreciated me anyway.
Doc Boy: Right, right!

Doc Boy: Now, I tell you what, here's how we make those politicians realize what they're missing out on by abandoning you like this...
Frances: Oooh! How?

Doc Boy: The hardest part will be sneaking IN to plant the explosives, but if we dress as a couple of nice old ladies who are visiting as tourists...
Frances: If we --

Frances: No! No, I keep telling you, we're NOT teaming up for evil! No crafty disguises! No sinister plots! And NO BLOWING UP CITY HALL!!!
Doc Boy: Yawn... no wonder you picked the side of good. You're just NO FUN.

Frances: I need some fresh air. [punches face and chest through door]

At this point, Maddie and Cyd have had one baby and are expecting their second/third, while Jinx still has nothing much to do but go to work and study things. I give her a couple of blind dates, which are both uninteresting on account of the matchmaker gave her two different straight women. It's not that she HAS to reproduce; I'll get more than enough kids with my Family aspiration pair, and if Jinx didn't care about romancin' then I'd be fine with letting her dedicate herself to her work. Still, there is a want for a first kiss that she's still got on her, and that suggests that I should try to find her SOMEONE.

But that night, someone finds her.

Maddie: . o O ( Poor Jinxie! But it's okay... daddy's a superhero. He'll save her. )

Oh god I don't think he's broken the news to his kids yet you guys D: D: D:

Oh, and after she's dropped back off Jinx starts manifesting telekinetic powers I think?

Plus she can see the legion of unquiet spirits which surround her each night.

Jinx: Yeah, but that's nothing new.


Anyway, as Jinx begins to incubate her own little genetic payload...

Maddie is putting the finishing touches on hers! Which will be the twins she would have had naturally, GOOD JOB THERE MADDIE.

It's two girls, Buzz and Bunny. Both have Cyd's eyes (of course) and the black hair that Maddie's carrying a gene for from Frances.

And here's some fun from both Maddie and Cyd's wants panels.

Oh god, you probably will at this rate. LOOK at how much room is left in their lifebars. LOOK AT IIIIIT

Of course, Doc Boy's and Frances's lifebars aren't looking nearly so roomy... which, I think, is as good a place to end this as any. Next time there will be more babies, more birthdays, and more blind dates. Less old people, though. Pretty much 100% less.