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Below please find the LJ of Jenny Rowland, who fears no Google.

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!

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Mr. Carter, there's a telephone call for you
27 May 1981
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O hai IM infoes! Why is you no listed? ...oh, yeah, because of that stupid TheGreatHatsby thing like five years ago now that I'm still paranoid about. I'm on AIM at The Jennybork, and on YIM at... well... you can probably tell from my listed email. I welcome random conversations in theory, although in practice if you're too insane for me then unless I'm in a particularly energetic mood you probably won't get too much of a response out of me. This is terrible, because it means I am getting old. Back in the back in the, I was up for ANYTHING. If nothing else, I could respond to particularly annoying individuals with Lovecraftian madness until they got bored.

But anyway! I promise to not eat your kidneys if you IM me. Maybe just a nibble out of your liver. Aaaaand thus concludes this bit, which was added in October 2010; now please enjoy a two-year-old bio that itself was just shoved on top of an even older bio. Scroll-inducing powers activate!


I'm going to move the old bio somewhere else, but for now I'm just going to type over it. Everything below the line composed of hyphens is obsolete! Everything above the line was typed on December 9, 2008.

I live just outside the city limits of Madison, Wisconsin, and I work at this place called Epic. It is a company that makes health care software, and also that is nerdy. So nerdy. People LARP outside the cafeteria sometimes when the weather is nice. I am a software developer! Yay. Ever since I started in July '08, I have been scared that they would find out that I wasn't as smart as they thought I was, and fire me; but when I'm not scared, I enjoy my work. Judging from what Google has to say, that means I have wholly drunk the Kool-Aid and am now some kind of cult member who lives only to serve the Great And Terrible Judy. That's okay! Being a cult member pays surprisingly well.

I grew up in Fullerton (and briefly Brea), California, and went to Cal State Fullerton for four years. Then I moved to Bloomington and went to Indiana University for three years. Only it took five because it turns out that out-of-state tuition at IU is really expensive, and if you go play housekeeper to your roommate for two years in Indianapolis while your family back in California all packs up and moves to West Virginia, then somehow magically you become an Indiana resident. So now I have a BS in Informatics, and it only took nine years of my life. Productive!

The roommate mentioned above is wing_zero_ew, aka "mecha", who convinced me to come to IU for the Informatics program, drove me places back before I finally got my driver's license this June, and now lives with me in Madison. I like to mock him for mooching off my earnings, but soon enough he'll be in law school, and then I guess a lawyer and if I'm still around I can make him buy me like a mansion or something. Haven't you always wanted a mansion?

Once I was in love with a very nice boy, and now I am still in love with him but he is dead. It's a simple story, really.

I like Star Trek, and Richard Cheese, and Lupin III, and Lovecraftian fiction, and Nethack, and all sorts of bizarrely random and often-nerdy things. Star Wars is okay. The Lord Of The Rings movies were okay, although Tolkein's writing bores me to tears and I plan to maybe try him again in a decade or so if I think I'm ready for that slog. If Stephen King, Bruce Campbell, and Jick from Kingdom of Loathing got in a fight, then no matter who won, I would lose, 'cause someone would be too beaten up to entertain me. They Might Be Giants used to be my favorite band, but now they remind me too much of that very nice boy I knew once, and I listen to a lot of Dethklok and oldschool gangster rap instead. And, of course, Richard Cheese.

Oh, and I have played approximately ten thousand hours of GTA: San Andreas. Someday I plan to finish the final mission, once I've finally tired of rampant violence, jetpacking around underneath the map, and flying planes into skyscrapers while yelling something about death to the white devils. That will probably be in about 2010, unless we get an XBox 360 before then, in which case I will be too busy playing IV.



(Last big update was 11/19/03 -- old version's here.)

My name is Jenny. I'm 26. I'm from Orange County, California, but now attend Indiana University. I'm an Informatics major. (Informatics, n.: solving problems with technology. SEE ALSO: INFORMATION SCIENCE)

I'm a geek. Or a nerd. Or whatever similar term you wish to apply.

I'm a sometime artist and a seldom writer.

I'm short. I'm fat.

If the sentence preceding this one lowers whatever opinion you may have of me, then I congratulate you. You have achieved the nirvana that is not actually bothering to think when there's sweet, sweet prejudice to fall back on.

I have social anxiety really damn bad. I also wear probably just about the thickest glasses you'll ever see.

I live with wing_zero_ew, who is indeed of the sex opposite to my own. It amuses me to wonder how many people have jumped to the logical but erroneous conclusion there.

I was, for approximately five wonderful amazing years, involved with chrisxk. We were going to marry someday, once we had both finished college. Then he died, in his sleep, with no warning and no chance to say goodbye. Gentlemen will perhaps understand why I am uninterested in striking up any romantic attachments.

I like anime a whole bunch. I am, however, unlike many female anime fans, in that VERY FEW OF MY FAVORITES INVOLVE BISHIES KTHX. Unless they start making series with characters who look like Coop from Megas XLR. Then I could be in trouble.

I'm unlike most of my gender in a variety of ways, really. Shopping? Pfft. Gimme video games any day.

I'm addicted to Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. Feel free to send a /tell to Neerai on Eclipse, Audre on Naritus, Theeno on Kettemoor, or Ivos on... Sunrunner, I think. I forget. cancelled subscription due to lack of funds

I'm addicted to Puzzle Pirates. I play on Viridian, because I don't have ten bucks a month to spend on piracy. My main character's name is Murdoch.   man you have to get badges for way too many things now plus what the hell happened to my crew it's like everyone died  okay now I'm playing again on Hunter so whatever now I'm not playing anymore again

I play EVE. My main is Jaiyanu Corr and my alt is Orellis. You can tell I like doubled letters. okay probably cancelling that too

I play City of Heroes some. My mains are Office Temp on Victory (blueside), Thessaly on Pinnacle (redside), and The Deacon of Doom on Virtue (blueside). This list does not include my dozen or so alts.

I play the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. My zombie deck is l33t, y0. And they're all so cute. *cuddles Ryu Kokki, who is composed of nothing but skulls* don't really play anymore so yeah

I'm sad a lot, but I can usually distract myself from it with mindless pursuits like updating my LJ userinfo.

Friend me if you like! However, understand that I am in no way obligated to friend you back.

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Jenny Rowland
Nodnol, 871 Selim
Found rainbow with gold,and helping others
Automatic Crane
Vampire Art Bell
Robert'); DROP TABLE Students;--
f count=1:1:(count+1) w "foo "
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