hello i am not here (napoleonherself) wrote,
hello i am not here

The permanent top-of-the-journal post currently says:

This Here LiveJournal September 25 2000 - July 4 2017

Hello there. You will no longer find a journal here. It has been moved to Dreamwidth, and all the posts have been deleted from LJ except two stickies and my very first post. I do not currently know when I might begin updating the DW regularly, but it does contain every post that used to be here.
Some were friends-locked to specific people, and I'm not sure how that will work now that the posts are not on LJ, but if you think you might have been a Specific Person, see below.

If we were once friends but then I kind of fell off the face of the earth, you may attempt to contact me through the DW, or through my old Yahoo email, if you have it. I fell off the face of the earth for literally everyone I didn't share an apartment with at roughly the same time about a decade ago. It was definitely Not You. (Unless you're the person who died and left me wondering what the point was in maintaining any human relationships, but if you're that person then how are you reading this, hmm?)

Goodbye now.

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